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    EATBETTER is healthy, sustainable and simply delicious nutrition – accessible for everyone. The centre of this movement is the content-platform EATBETTER.DE. We provide information and services to all matters of wholesome nutrition; both online and offline. As of now, you will find further recipes and valuable input originated by EATBETTER within our various print magazines – such as MEINE FAMILIE & ICH, LISA KOCHEN & BACKEN, SLOWLY VEGGIE! plus many more. All online content is accessible at EATBETTER.DE. Here, we also provide you with webinars and workshops from our affiliated EATBETTER-academy.

    We base our actions on accredited policy guidelines and further ensure consistent high-quality content from our panel of experts. We are certified by IN FORM – the official initiative for wholesome nutrition and enhanced exercise commissioned by the German government.


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  • Verified recipes with guaranteed home-cooking success
  • Certified by INFORM (governmental institution)
  • Strong associates like our food media editorial teams + EDEKA
  • Cross-media advertising to approach a broad target audience
  • Guaranteed increased demand by SEO optimized content creation
  • Unique content also for advertising partners
  • Advertize on EATBETTER.DE

    For further and more detailed information also regarding commercial partnerships please contact a person of sales.