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    With the editorial BURDA STYLE newsletter, the editorial team presents relevant content from the burda style sewing and creative world to over 40,000 interested subscribers twice a week.

    burda style Newsletter


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    Find your point of contact

    Key data

    Portalname BURDA STYLE Newsletter
    Newsletter subscribers (stand alone) 40,0001
    1 January 2022, publisher's statement

    Why BURDA STYLE Newsletter?

  • Over 40,000 subscribers, with an average open rate of 50%.
  • A relevant and qualitative environment ensures above-average awareness.
  • Attractive channel for new customer acquisition.
  • Especially suitable for special offers, special promotions and new products.
  • Your banner or teaser in the BURDA STYLE newsletter

    • Every week, the editorial BURDA STYLE newsletter provides subscribers with the most important news and information.
    • With the newsletter you have the direct and exclusive possibility to address our subscribers.
    • The booking of an entry or banner in the editorial newsletter offers customers the opportunity to present their advertising content and messages to the target group in a customized manner.
    • With the support of the editorial team, the right placement and tonality is determined, and the high attention paid to content in a subscribed newsletter guarantees the undivided attention of the target group.