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    BURDA BEST OF is a special issue of BURDA STYLE, which will be published 5 times a year this year and combines the most successful cuts from the successful BURDA STYLE.

    Topics in 2023: Party fashion, summer vacation, baby / kids special, loungewear / yoga fashion and winter basics.


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    Find your point of contact

    Key data

    Frequency of publication 5 times p.a.
    Copy price 8.90 EUR
    Base price (1/1 4c page) 7,100 EUR1
    Print Run 40,0002
    1 Prices valid from 01.01.2023
    2 Publisher's statement



  • BURDA BEST OF focuses on the best of BURDA and shows all bestsellers and favorite models of our community.
  • The core target group of BURDA BEST OF consists of passionate BURDA STYLE sewers.
  • In addition to detailed and easy-to-follow instructions and fabric recommendations, suggestions from the BURDA STYLE community also show how easy it is to modify the patterns using alternative fabrics.
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    The special issue BURDA BEST OF stands for quality and trust and is the indispensable guide for trends, fashion, lifestyle, sewing and creativity!