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  • The fascinating world of BAMBI - Huge stars and touching moments

    BAMBI is a stage for real emotions dedicated to the heroes of our times.

    With this prize, Hubert Burda Media honours outstanding success, achievements and visions every year. This is where passion meets glamour, and where the attention of millions is focused on a glittering night in which Germany bows before its heroes.

    BAMBI is a success story seven decades in the making, complete with the biggest stars of every age, from Muhammad Ali to Pope Francis, from Michael Jackson to Lady Gaga, and from Sophia Loren to Hugh Jackman.


    Find your point of contact
    Find your point of contact

    BAMBI - The perfect place for networking and live brand marketing

    Whether in terms of awareness, reach, ratings or economics – BAMBI breaks records in all areas and across all age groups and media channels.

    In 2017, the event drew 800 guests and innumerable fans on-location, as well as an audience of millions in the best time slot on Germany’s Das Erste channel (4 million viewers), with a worldwide reach of 6.3 billion media contacts through intensive reporting on all major media platforms.

    BAMBI amassed a total of around 12.8 million contacts on its own social media channels last year. On the day of the award ceremony, #bambi has been the leading Twitter trending topic for years.

    Germans associate BAMBI with a valuable tradition, a coveted award and contemporary relevance.

    As a highly emotional media brand, BAMBI offers a strong, cross-media platform for cooperation with companies and brands that want to present themselves to an enthusiastic audience at one of the world's most important media events.