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    SUPERillu is a magazine for all of Germany, but with a strong focus on the eastern part of Germany. It is deeply rooted in the lives of the people living there. SUPERillu has presented topics that are close to the people living in the eastern part of Germany since 1990. Readers find topics to which they can relate, including their questions, their celebrities, and their lives. SUPERillu covers the needs of its readers in this region like no other magazine on the market.

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    Main target audience

    Readers of SUPERillu are very family-orientated and are closely connected to their region. They are especially interested in topics related to travel, health and household, celebrities, stories about people as well as horoscopes and puzzles. Its readers have a high standard of quality and are very open towards advertisement.

    [Source contacts: b4p 2021 I, brand reach cross media]

    About SUPERillu

    The view on society, purchasing power, media use and the advertising effects: The video as well as the gallery will demonstrate the most powerful agruments for the east german market.