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    FÜR SIE … is for me: the classic, but always surprising women’s magazine and personal retreat. In an increasingly uncertain and fast-moving virtual world the aspiration for true empathy, honest communication and authentic contacts increases. This combination and the wish for an easy and straight forward - and yes- a nice retreat regardless of earnings, age or heritage is fostered.

    FÜR SIE is a retreat and a source for inspiration – but simultaneously the reader meets an encouraging friend, who spurs new ventures. With her close bond of trust to the reader together with the profound and life affirming journalism the FÜR SIE inspires and keeps on giving every reader the ‘Time for myself’.


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    Core Target Group

    FÜR SIE readers are self-confident joyful women who know what they really want. Women who understand to take the ‚Time for myself‘ and who enjoy moments intensely. FÜR SIE readers are open minded, enthusiastic and eager for new ventures as long as their expectations in terms of quality standards are met. The FÜR SIE readers are women over the age of 35 from an above average income class combined with a higher intellectual background.

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