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  • FIT FOR FUN - Your personal trainer

    An individual coach who – without raising an index finger – motivates beginners and advanced players to a healthy and fit lifestyle. FIT FOR FUN helps to improve one’s fitness, gives tips for a delicious, balanced diet and a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

    What does FFF stand for? FIT FOR FUN is the competent advisor that explains the current fitness, nutrition and health trends – and categorises which ones really make sense. To this end, we show which products make sense and are sustainable.

    Advertise with an advertisement, an individual cross-media campaign or an extraordinary event collaboration.

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    Main target audience

    FIT FOR FUN is unisex and leading medium for fitness, nutrition and a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. The focus is on topics that have been the main pillars in recent years, divided into three categories: Fitness & Health, Food & Weight Loss, Fun & Beauty. In each supplement there is a major focus topic in addition to the theme worlds.

    FIT FOR FUN acts as advisor/coach and accompanies readers with professional tips, innovations, new tools and programs. Since 2021: as an over-format supplement in FOCUS & FREUNDIN.

    Thus, FIT FOR FUN expands your target group to include the advisor- and success-oriented FOCUS reader as well as the “WE” feeling and empowerment of the friend reader.