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  • FIT FOR FUN - Germany’s large fitness and lifestyle brand

    FIT FOR FUN is Germany’s large fitness and lifestyle brand. For active, ambitious people, sports, healthy nutrition and a positive attitude are all integral parts of a modern life.  This is where FIT FOR FUN comes in to play, motivating its readers, users, followers on all channels to get active. FIT FOR FUN has been reinventing FITNESS, FOOD and LIFESTYLE daily since 1994.

    FIT FOR FUN acts as an advisor/coach and accompanies readers and users with professional tips, innovations, new tools and great programmes. The goal of FIT FOR FUN is to motivate readers and users to live a healthy, fit lifestyle that makes them feel good from head to toe.

    Advertise with an ad, an individual cross-media campaign or an extraordinary event cooperation.

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    Main target audience

    FIT FOR FUN reaches active performers: 25-45 years old, very well educated, employed and with a high income.

    FIT FOR FUN is the perfect companion for women and men who are interested in staying fit and attractive. They emphasise healthy nutrition and seek to live an exciting, active life. For their lifestyle they are willing to spend a lot of money to achieve that goal for themselves. They therefore desire a brand that constantly inspires with new trends, tips & products and motivates them to do something for their health.

    The new FIT FOR FUN expands your target group by the advice and success-oriented FOCUS reader as well as by the “WE feeling” and empowerment of the freundin reader.

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