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    “It’s time for us to kick-start the economy following the outbreak of the virus! The sky’s the limit after lockdown. One step backwards, two steps forward. There must be a clear vision and mission after these difficult times! Obviously, with our commitment to the Germany-wide #AufbruchZukunft campaign, which also includes a prize for pioneers, we are encouraging other companies, as well as the media landscape, to think about how they can contribute to this and work towards doing so. Mastering the crisis with a clear vision and drive and at the same time using opportunities to open up new markets – that’s what it’s all about.” Ernst Prost, Managing Director LIQUI MOLY



    “At the beginning of the year, BUNTE and SunExpress Airlines launched an extremely innovative and wide-reaching campaign, which was brought to a standstill due to a COVID-19. Just large parts of our fleet were. With the current consolidation of our flight operations, we are placing even more emphasis on European destinations and Turkish hospitality on board. This enables us to do even more of what we love and do it better: connecting friends and family and flying our customers to sunny destinations. As a result, #AufbruchZukunft means two things for us: a concentrated business model while still keeping the COVID-19-related restrictions in mind. When the BUNTE team came to us in relation to #AufbruchZukunft, we knew we were right there with them. Especially now, wide-reaching, innovative and strong cross-channel campaigns are important for remaining relevant. Our campaign fits together perfectly with #FaszinationFliegen.” Kerstin Lomb, Chief Marketing Officer SunExpress


    "Overall, I wish Burda every success with the #aufbuchzukunft initiative. Germany needs these lighthouses! " Christian Rummel, Head of Brand Communication Deutsche Bank


    © Hubert Burda Media

    “We cannot predict the future but together we can shape it. This is the case more than ever because the current crisis is more than an opportunity for renewal. Innovation and thinking in new ways have now become an essential part of our companies’ survival. #AufbruchZukunft means saying goodbye to the old, outdated structures and products and looking ahead to seize the opportunities that are now available. This can be achieved most effectively and sustainably through strong partnerships between companies, media and people who are looking to the future together.” Martin Schnaack, Founder and CEO Avantgarde


    “The last few months of lockdown have made it crystal clear that it’s important to take matters into your own hands, because no matter what the past was like or what the present is like, success lies in the future. In order to achieve success, you need allies. I’m incredibly pleased that we have a partner on our side in Burda Media, who, like us, sees crises as opportunities and who is just as future-oriented as we are. #IchBrauchSchweiz perfectly sums up how we make our readers aware of just how much Switzerland has to offer as a travel destination with its four languages and cultures. That’s the content side of things. The other side is the positive, forward-looking tone. Or as we at Burda would call it: #AufbruchZukunft.” Jörg Peter Krebs, Director of Central European & Central Eastern Switzerland Tourism


    “The media plays an important role in times of change. #AufbruchZukunft is an initiative from Hubert Burda Media that I feel very positively about and can fully support and which I have a professional responsibility to support. Change must be lived and communicated in a positive way for it to be understood, accepted and used positively in people’s professional, social and private lives. It’s important that we tackle these issues with courage and determination.” Jens Ciliax, Managing Director of ghd Germany


    “The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown everything we thought we knew out of the window. Some changes that once seemed impossible are now happening at a radical and accelerated rate. It’s up to us to take advantage of the opportunities afforded to us by this upheaval. Together, we will kick-start the future. Opportunities for greater equality and greater participation are on our doorstep – and for more solidarity, respect and compassion – if we seize the day. With initiatives such as #GemeinsamStärker, we want to be there for people in their new everyday lives and help to develop things for the better. #AufbruchZukunft gives us the motivation to do this.” Gabriele Hässig Managing Director Communication and Sustainability, Procter & Gamble


    “As a business, we must develop the necessary resilience through greater sustainability to be able to better meet future crises and the challenges of climate change. While there will be a vaccination against COVID-19, there is no ‘vaccination’ for climate change and it will cause massive damage to agriculture and biodiversity, which we will already be able to see this summer. For me, #AufbruchZukunft stands for a future-oriented energy policy. For legislation that strengthens environmental protection. For an economic stimulus package for climate protection, biodiversity and recycling management.” Reinhard Schneider, Owner and Managing Partner of Werner & Mertz


    “Nowadays, the connection between fashion and media is essential! The outstanding, supportive and innovative #AufbruchZukunft #Futureforfashion campaign has impressed everyone here and we are grateful that Burda has given us so much support during this period.” Mona Buckenmaier, Senior Business Development Manager Riani


    “Doing nothing doesn’t make things better. That’s why we can get behind the #AufbruchZukunft initiative. That’s why we now also offer our customers CO2 compensation in addition to natural gas-based fuels, biofuels, hydrogen and quick charging with green electricity. This enables every customer to compensate for their own CO2 footprint.” Jan Toschka, General Manager, Shell Petrol Stations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland


    “This amazing initiative from Burda’s publishing house has given us as a fashion company the chance to make our worries and needs, and above all else, our confidence known to a wide audience during the COVID-19 pandemic. This crisis will teach us to have smaller collections and fewer themes, and communication will become more digital, opening up new opportunities for ideas and action. The fashion industry and the publishing industry have gone hand in hand for centuries and we would like to thank Burda’s publishing house for providing this motivational and encouraging initiative. ” Stefanie Görtz, Head of Design Gerry Weber


    “COVID-19 has shown us how valuable a trustworthy, healthy and liveable environment is, which we are factoring into our business processes more than ever before. Our goal prior to and after the COVID-19 crisis was and is to make a brand contribution to creating a diverse and liveable environment for future generations. As an independent family business, respect is one of our core values. We strive to value and respect our customers, partners, employees and environment.” Markus Wahl, Managing Director Longchamp


    "Initiatives like Burda's #AufbruchZukunft are valuable for all of us, and we wish them every success." Petra Spielmann and Andrea Tauber-Koch (photo), Commerzbank Corporate Marketing




    “The COVID-19 crisis has put everything to the test. Companies that were already going through a difficult period feel the impact of this sort of crisis even more. Thanks to our concept of comfortable yet stylish clothing, we have been on point with the Zeitgeist and have been able to continue to post positive revenues. That said, we also had to adapt to the change in circumstances and make some serious adjustments. The issues of working from home and digitalisation shot up to the top of the agenda. All of a sudden, the only place that people were able to do photo shoots and interviews was in their own homes. Times of crisis reveal who can change their way of thinking while remaining flexible and without losing their creative spark. Slowing down yet continuing to work efficiently and effectively is an important issue. We have used the time to continue our development as a company. When the going gets tough, the tough get going! But the focus has shifted back to people as human beings, too. Our team has become an even closer unit despite social distancing, and we’re having deeper personal conversations again. You can empathise with other people’s personal circumstances and you notice who stands by you during the crisis. Personally, I have also learned to live more consciously and to appreciate the little things more again. You don’t take anything for granted and at the same time you think twice about what is really important.” Judith Dommermuth, Founder and CEO of Juvia


    "Now is the hour of the digital economy: we are looking for the business models of the future and are happy to be part of the Focus Innovation Prize jury!" Valentin Stalf - Co-Founder and Head of Smartphone Bank N26.


    “While we are all getting used to the new normal, Coca-Cola wants to seize this moment. Like Burda’s #AufbruchZukunft initiative, we want to set the course for a better future – a future that we create together. In recent months, we have been focusing on championing the welfare of the societies in which we live and work. In doing so, the key values for us were – and still are – optimism and openness. Let’s be more open-minded than ever before about the kinds of things we can achieve together if we face the future with courage.” Michael Willeke, Marketing Director Coca-Cola


    © Coca-Cola

    “More than anything, #AUFBRUCHZUKUNFT means courage, responsibility and sustainability for our future. The global pandemic has shown us that the health and well-being of each and every person is more important today than ever before. At WW, we are committed to being a partner for everyone in leading a healthy and fulfilled life. We would like to thank Burda’s publishing house for this motivational and encouraging initiative because, in the end, the goal of the economy must always be to serve the general public and provide solidarity and well-being for the global community.” Stefan Ryme, General Manager WW Deutschland