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    A whole week of advertising power: Our most widely-circulated weekly combination pack, which includes BUNTE, FREIZEIT REVUE, SUPERILLU, LISA, FRAU IM TREND, NEUE WOCHE, FREIZEIT SPASS and GLÜCKS REVUE, reaches a wide range of readers, even without the inclusion of our high-reach TV magazines.

    Select strong magazine brands and multiple brand leaders in their sectors to produce a real ‘power pack’ for your ads.

      Your benefits:

    • the largest weekly combination offer without TV titles, especially for women and best agers
    • offers a quality portfolio at high cost effectiveness
    • delivers diverse editorial environments in all titles, including health and travel
    • Keyfacts

      Sources: Sold circulation IVW III/22 | Total reach ma 2022 II | Prices valid from 01.01.2023 | Combi saving: FREIZEIT REVUE/FREIZEIT SPASS with imputed individual prices.
      Circulation 1,712.212
      Reach 7.27 m
      Combi booking EUR 142,500
      Saving 15.1%

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