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  • Burda Klambt WEEKLY POWER

    Cross-publishing advertising power: The new 'Burda Klambt WEEKLY POWER' combines nineteen weeklies from segments like 'current illustrated, TV program guides and women's magazines' into a unique, far-reach, economical and fast print mix. Everything from SUPERillu, FREIZEIT REVUE and Frau mit Herz to Viel Spaß and SUPER TV is included. Available on the market as of 2022 and now already in MA (media analysis)!


      Sources: Sold circulation IVW III/21 | Total reach ma 2021 II | Prices valid from 01.01.2022
      Circulation 2,892,341
      Reach 10.38 m
      Combi booking 204,310 EUR
      Single booking 252,170 EUR
      Saving 19.0 %

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