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    Blending real-world brands directly into video games


    With our partner Anzu we provide an in-game advertising solution, which is unique on the German market. Anzu is the world’s most advanced in-game advertising solution. Operating across mobile, PC, and console platforms, Anzu blends real-world brand ads directly into video games, esports tournaments, and live streams. The only solution of its kind to bring real-time analytics and existing digital industry standards in-game, Anzu’s patented, adaptive technology features blended, yet highly viewable IAB-compliant ad formats. Anzu’s full suite of one-of-a-kind AdTech integrations includes ad viewability, brand lift measurement, audience verification, data enrichment, and fraud detection in partnership with industry leaders such as Moat, Comscore, Kantar, and Nielsen.

    This makes Anzu unique:

  • Backed by WPP, Sonny Innovation Fund and BITKRAFT Esports Ventures, Anzu redefines digital advertising through the seamless integration of non-intrusive ads into the gameplay.
  • With Anzu, advertisers can use existing ad formats to serve campaigns programmatically – this means advertisers don't have to change anything about the way they are conducting their existing digital advertising campaigns when they integrate with Anzu’s platform.
  • Global partners include advertisers such as Pepsi, Vodafone, Samsung, American Eagle and top-tier games studios such as Ubisoft, Nacon, and Lion Castle.
  • A new experience for advertisers

    Programmatic in-game advertising is a reliable, cost-effective media channel for brands willing to access coveted and elusive audiences. The world’s first 3D tracking engine guarantees that only viewable impressions are paid for. There is an easy integration with all major DSPs and trading platforms. The custom, dynamic and real-time ad delivery is based on first-party data to bring the ads to the right audiences.

    Anzu is powering a new eco system, bringing together developers and gamers on the supply side with advertisers and brands on the demand side. The formats available include native, creative and dynamically updated and range from blended display and video to custom ads with complex shapes and interactivity options. On the inventory side Anzu provides multiple game genres and has global reach of more than 120 million monthly active users covering all ages and genders.

    Successful Campaigns with Vodafone and Samsung

    Trackmania Vodafone in-game advertising powered by Anzu.io - Digi1 Gamevention 2020. Vodafone's campaign inside Ubisoft's Trackmania recently got bronze at Deutscher Digital Awards

    The campaign for the launch of Samsung Galaxy A51 with Adgage and Starcom (Samsung’s first programmatic in-game advertising) won Bronze for Technology Innovation at MMA Smarties EMEA.


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