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    One topic of the century. One mission. One brand.

    FOR OUR PLANET will become the media platform for sustainability! It wants to continue to drive social transformation, take on corporate responsibility, be a pioneer, initiator and opinion leader and create real impact.

    How do we do that?

    By reaching out to people and companies through the Burda network. This will allow us to reach up to 60 million people (approx. 74 per cent of society)** and position the issue right in the heart of society. This is because FOR OUR PLANET isn’t just a media platform for sustainability, but also an all-encompassing journalistic initiative of BurdaVerlag and all of its medias that aims to support the fight against climate change, the most urgent challenge of our time.


    Sustainability meets people and lifestyle

  • FOR OUR PLANET inspires, informs and transforms: The publishing programme aims to mobilise people and businesses in the common fight against the climate and biodiversity crisis in order to bring about social transformation. It combines journalism, orientation and networking in the name of sustainability for our readers, consumers and partners.
  • FOR OUR PLANET presents opportunities: Optimism, thinking in terms of possibilities and highlighting the positive aspects of transformation are the thematic focus. After all, the future is made in the present.
  • FOR OUR PLANET takes a stand: We speak uncomfortable truths. We make it clear where we stand. FOR OUR PLANET provides intelligent and fact-based content. We don’t give greenwashing a platform. This also includes self-reflection and constantly redefining standards.
  • FOR OUR PLANET redefines lifestyle: The programme provides guidance as to how sustainability can be implemented in everyday life – while having fun. Because if it isn’t sustainable, it cannot be a lifestyle; and that’s what makes this a mainstream issue. A sustainable lifestyle is what unites us.
  • FOR OUR PLANET strengthens the impact: Measurability, levers and efficiencies are part of our reports. Because something is only feasible if you can measure it.
  • FOR OUR PLANET - one brand, one place, countless touchpoints

    As BurdaVerlag’s sustainability brand, FOR OUR PLANET combines journalism, guidance and networking and offers a versatile brand world under the FOR OUR PLANET umbrella. New media products and event formats are at the centre of the communication. That means FOR OUR PLANET isn’t just a media platform for sustainability, but also an all-encompassing journalistic initiative of BurdaVerlag.


    Journalistic focus


    The finance industry is the game changer for the economy. Investments in sustainable companies and projects are becoming distinguishing assets for industry players. The FOR OUR PLANET media share background knowledge and tips on sustainable finance, investments and investment opportunities.


    New mobility is an important factor in reducing CO2 emissions. This is where we focus on the topic of alternative, environmentally friendly drive technologies and means of transport, along with the associated infrastructures.


    Green products are key in helping to protect the environment. FOR OUR PLANET provides inspiration and generates ideas for sustainability in the following areas: living, homebuilding, fashion, food and beauty.

    FOR OUR PLANET magazine and special seal publication

    The FOR OUR PLANET magazine is BurdaVerlag’s print brand for sustainable change. The magazine presents the topic in a socially relevant way, thus providing readers with guidance, information and inspiring ideas to deal with the consequences of climate change and to do so with joy. Sticking with the motto ‘FOP Next Level’, the magazine will be receiving another qualitative uplift this year, and it will also be renamed to FOR OUR PLANET MAGAZIN (formerly Klimagazin).

    It focuses on profiles, reports and collective stories about the people who lead the way and make things happen. The consumer section of the issue is about consumption, which can serve as a powerful lever for change. It presents products and services that help make everyday life more sustainable, with tips and advice on how reader can make changes to their own behaviour. The featured topics are presented in a striking and entertaining way.

    The associated special publication on the Top Climate Commitment 2022 seal provides deeper insight into particularly sustainable companies.

    * Director and Chief Economist of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, Director of the Mercator Research Institute on Global Commons and Climate Change and Professor for the Economics and Politics of Climate Change at the TU Berlin

    ** Source: b4p II/2021