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    Journalistic responsibility and media reach

    In the fight against climate change, the media of BurdaVerlag use their respective core strengths to address the topic of sustainability, and journalistic integrity is at the heart of this campaign. 

    For Our Planet stands for:

  • A comprehensive range of high-quality journalistic initiatives: The brands of the BurdaVerlag provide factual, scientifically-supported information, classify that information accordingly and showcase different perspectives and new focal areas. In doing so, the BurdaVerlag aims to satisfy its customers’ demand for information and provide inspiration and role models to encourage sustainable action.
  • Actionable content at the heart of reporting: The growing number of readers and customers interested in sustainability necessitates a new strategy for addressing this target group. The ‘New Sustainables’ are not radical ideologues, they are a target group of connoisseurs with a sophisticated eye for quality and a strong sense of responsibility when it comes to their behaviour as consumers.
  • New products and services: As BurdaVerlag’s sustainability program, For Our Planet combines journalism, guidance and network building while bringing a unique range of products and services to the market. This new business unit is currently developing novel media products such as the Klimagazin and new event formats such as the sustainability conference.
  • Visibility and reach: BurdaVerlag is home to 160 print and digital publications that reach 31 million magazine readers and 12 million digital users each month – that corresponds to around 53 per cent of the German population above the age of 14. With the help of the brand-wide joint initiative For Our Planet, BurdaVerlag can spread awareness and mobilise its customers.

  • For Our Planet: Journalistic areas


    The BurdaVerlag, with its brands, is a leading food expert, and the eatbetter platform and its partners focus squarely on sustainability. With the help of their expertise, the Burda media brands are further boosting awareness of healthy and sustainable nutrition and food products.


    New mobility is an important factor in reducing CO2 emissions. Together with its partners, Burda is placing this topic on the public agenda and sharing its expertise on the revolution in mobility.


    Clean beauty is more than just a trend. Clean and green products are key in helping to protect the environment. The BurdaVerlag – together with its beauty experts – is a top motivator for consumers to develop a more conscientious attitude toward beauty products.


    The finance industry is the game changer for the economy. Investments in sustainable companies and projects are becoming distinguishing assets for industry players. Finance and the economy will make up the central pillar of the new For Our Planet program, which even has its own conference dedicated to the subject.

    Editorial implementation in the Burda media

    [Translate to En:] BUNTE 14 / 2021
    [Translate to En:] ELLE 4 / 2021
    [Translate to En:] FOCUS Online / 03.04.2021
    [Translate to En:] SUPERillu 14 / 2021
    Highly relevant topics for your thematic planning!

    Special publications

    The BurdaVerlag’s special publications in high-affinity Burda media such as FOCUS, FOCUS-MONEY, ELLE, HARPER’S BAZAAR and CHIP offer customers exciting new information, guidance and inspiration related to the most important topics in climate and environment protection, such as mobility and green financial markets.



    Kicking off the planned series of special publications was the first issue of the recently established ‘Klimagazin’ on the topic of green money, which was enclosed in FOCUS on 29 May, FOCUS MONEY on 2 June and CHIP Magazine on 4 June. The second issue will follow on 3 September (as a supplement in CHIP) and on 8 Sept (ELLE).

    The sustainability conference

    In autumn 2021, For Our Planet will also be launching a sustainability conference, the Munich Transition for Tomorrow Summit. This event will focus on sustainable transition in the economy and financial sector. The conference brings together corporate decision-makers, investors and movers and shakers from the political, financial and scientific arenas to foster new and revolutionary dialog.


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