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    Together for a better future!

    For Our Planet is BurdaVerlag’s journalistic initiative to support the fight against climate change, the most urgent challenge of our time. In this joint campaign, the Burda publishing brands want to inspire readers and consumers to think about sustainability, consider the societal, economic and social ramifications of climate change and inspire them to take action.

    The BurdaVerlag is underscoring its journalistic responsibility with respect to this important topic by producing high-quality, journalistic content. All titles from the Burda publishing house will feature thematic areas designed to inspire people and provide expert knowledge, services, articles, and entertaining journalistic elements that support the cause.


    This topic is taking on a new significance for Burda, a fact which is also reflected in the newly founded department devoted solely to sustainability, which shares the name of the initiative: For Our Planet combines journalism, guidance and network building while bringing a unique range of products and services to the market. The BurdaVerlag’s brand new business unit is currently developing new services and media products such as the Klimagazin as well as special publications and conferences.


    “Everywhere in the world, the fight against the coronavirus has pushed climate change further down on the current political agenda, but the threat to our planet due to global warming is increasing every day. Our mission as journalists is to embrace the concerns of the people who use our media. This is why we want to be a journalistic platform for discussions based on well-researched content about the ecological, social and political consequences of climate change.“
    Philipp WelteBurdaVerlag Board Member