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    Combines two successful women’s weeklies to create an even more attractive media package: LISA, a particularly strong women’s brand, has been an institution on the market for well over 28 years.

    Since 2003, FRAU IM TREND, an informational illustrated magazine, has been leveraging its quality-oriented infotainment strategy to distinguish itself from competitors Frau von Heute and Alles für die Frau on the sales market.

    Your benefits:

  • 5.3 percent savings by booking titles together rather than separately.
  • high circulation with economic CPM.
  • attractive combination of two titles that complement one another in terms of age and genre.
  • Keyfacts

    Sources: Sold circulation IVW III/22 | Total reach ma 2022 II | Prices valid from 01.01.2023
    Circulation 287,479
    Reach 1.32 m
    Combi booking EUR 41,200
    Saving 5.3%

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