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    This combination offers a little extra feminine charm: The BURDA SUPER ENTERTAINMENT WOMEN combination includes the popular women’s magazine Lisa, providing you with even more brand impact in women’s entertainment.

    Your benefits:

  • FREIZEIT REVUE, SUPERILLU and LISA are three particularly strong magazine brands that appeal to different best ager segments.
  • particularly strong reach among women 50Plus
  • very high combination discount enables particularly strong brand titles to be booked at low rates.
  • Keyfacts

    Sources: Sold circulation IVW III/22 | Total reach ma 2022 II | Prices valid from 01.01.2023 | Combi saving: FREIZEIT REVUE/FREIZEIT SPASS with imputed individual prices.
    Circulation 1,361,978
    Reach 4.96 m
    Combi booking EUR 101,700
    Saving 17.1%

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