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    fully climate neutral through offsetting
    - 7,7%
    CO² emissions since 2019
    Burda buildings use exclusively green electricity

    The Burda Group is climate neutral in Germany as of 2021 (retroactively).

    Detailed balance sheets have been drawn up to map Hubert Burda Media’s greenhouse gas emissions in Germany as accurately as possible since 2020. These CO2e balances contain the emissions of all German companies in which the group holds a share of at least 50.01 per cent. This means that the BCN Brand Community Network, as a corporate division of Hubert Burda Media, is also climate neutral.

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    Measure > reduce > compensate

    Hubert Burda Media and the BCN’s aim is to measure its emissions in detail, to prevent the emissions derived from this or to reduce them to the greatest extent possible using targeted measures. Where this is not feasible, Hubert Burda Media compensates for its emissions by investing in its partners’ climate protection projects in order to achieve climate neutrality. In addition, it also supports local projects in the field of regenerative agriculture.

    This CO2 footprint was used as basis to identify the areas with the greatest potential for optimisation, as the focus of the sustainability initiative is on reducing emissions so that certain emissions are not caused in the first place. To this end, measures are being implemented across the Group in the four core areas of ‘energy, resources, mobility and education’. This strategy will be continued and expanded in 2023.

    Burda pursues a tailor-made compensation strategy

    All the emissions generated in 2022 that still cannot be avoided or reduced through our current measures have been provisionally compensated. To do this, Burda is working together with ClimatePartner, which implements suitable carbon offset projects based on Burda’s market presence and emission sources. It also does this on a regional level. Our compensation strategy is focused around promoting regenerative agriculture. We are currently providing support to two partners who are contributing to generating, producing and trading agricultural products and food in a more ecological and social way through research, sharing knowledge and financial support. The Bioland Stiftung offers, among other things, expert seminars for farmers, while positerra and Burda support and advise ‘Burda farmers’ (Burda-Bauern) in converting their farms to regenerative agriculture.

    To become certified as a climate-neutral company, Burda’s CO2e emissions were calculated and offset through climate protection projects. This includes all direct emissions (Scope 1), purchased energy (Scope 2) and part of the indirect emissions from the supply chain (Scope 3), such as business trips and employee travel. This is specified by ClimatePartner and is the usual standard.

    You can find out more about Burda’s offsetting goals, partners and environmental projects here https://www.burda.com/en/getting-better/compensation/.

    Measures to reduce CO2e emissions

    Sustainability is a firm priority for us

    Sustainability is one of the most important issues related to transformation and innovation of our time. BurdaVerlag is using its power as a media and tech company to make key issues a priority so as to give people a positive incentive to assume their social responsibility.

    But providing a large volume of well-researched journalistic content on sustainability in the Burda brands is not the only thing that BurdaVerlag is doing as a publishing unit of Hubert Burda Media. Since 2021, it has increased its commitment to sustainability, and has become proactive in how it puts this responsibility into practice in the form of a sustainability initiative getting better.

    This means that sustainability is a firm fixture in BCN’s marketing portfolio. The number of brands that have dedicated themselves holistically to sustainability is also growing alongside the number of journalistic articles on the issue. And we have also developed sustainable alternatives for the advertising formats themselves.

    Media brands with a focus on sustainability

    Sustainable platforms for your topic planning.

    Inspire your readers: whether it’s sustainable products, an environmentally conscious lifestyle or a healthy way of life – our brands approach sustainability in a variety of ways, thus offering the perfect platforms for your sustainable brand communication.

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    ‘Carbon neutrality means that the carbon footprint of a company, product or service has been calculated and offset by internationally recognised carbon offset projects,’ is the official definition from the climate protection company ClimatePartner. ‘This includes direct CO2 emissions generated by the company (from heat and electricity generation, the vehicle fleet and fugitive gases), as well as indirect emissions (from purchased energy, business travel and employee commuting). Other indirect emissions that occur outside of the company’s control, such as those during the production of raw materials purchased by the company, intermediate products, external logistics, product use and end-of-life treatment are not covered by the carbon neutral company claim.’